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Geoffrey Voices his Concerns About Existential Risks
"There are very few examples of a more intelligent thing being controlled by a less intelligent thing." "It's not clear to me that we can solve this problem."‍ Who said that? No one else than Geoffrey Hinton, the godfather of AI, after he left Google to voice his concerns about AI existential risks.
May 25, 2023
Slowing Down AI: Rationales, Proposals, and Difficulties
Our world is one where AI advances at breakneck speed, leaving society scrambling to catch up. This has sparked discussions about slowing AI development. We explore this idea, delving into the reasons why society might want to have slowdown in its policy toolbox. This includes preventing a race to the bottom, giving society a moment to adapt, and mitigating some of the more worrisome risks that AI poses.
May 25, 2023